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The Meaning of Amahli

Posted by Hema Selvaraj on
The Meaning of Amahli

In India, most people will enquire about the meaning of your name, almost in the same breath as they ask to know your name! Those that have visited India will remember that the rickshaw drivers and tour guides ask to know your ‘good’ name when you first meet! There is an inherent belief that one’s name somehow holds the key to one’s character and therefore destiny in some way… For instance, my name is Hema. And Hema means gold in Sanskrit. So, I am the golden girl… Ha ha, I have used this epithet to death myself! Then, there is the vibration of the syllables in the name. Mine has only two – the sound of h (ha) comes from a deeper place beyond the tongue and m (ma) brings a union of the lips. So, people associate me with a pleasant, affectionate, honest person. This, I am for the most part (!) so I have come to believe in the vibes of the meaning of one’s name!

It is important to note that parents in India name their progeny based on the qualities they hope the new-borns will imbibe. So, a father who expects his daughter to be brave and resolute might name his new-born as Indira (as in Indira Gandhi, the ex-Prime Minister of India, also known as the only man in her cabinet at the time). I guess this somehow sets the vibrational energy in motion and attracts the anticipated outcome for the offspring. So, there might be some metaphysical explanation behind the correlation with one’s name and character after all! Me, I was named after the leading Bollywood actress of the time… Hema Malini was supremely talented, beautiful and successful, aptly named Dream Girl (cause every man dreamt of her at the time!).

This brings me to my dream, my new venture, Amahli. From the outset, I wanted a name that sounded soft and had real resonance with the customer base. Amahli means different things in different cultures. It is a popular name in Africa, Australia, Scandinavia, the Middle East among others. In Africa, it means the gift of God. In Australia, it means the most beautiful one. All lovely and beautiful descriptors for a jewellery brand! In the West, Amahli is considered a version of Amelia, Emily that are very popular names. So, in essence, the meaning attributed to Amahli will be determined by where someone comes from and their own framework of reference… And I like the idea of this personal narrative to a name that comes from attaching the meaning that most resonates with you. After all, life is all about your individual lens and perspectives!

One of the many meanings of the word Amahli is hope. And, personally, this is the connotation I most relate to. We live in turbulent times; times of great uncertainty and change. If Amahli could bring some hope and peace to the modern world by reviving the ancient spiritual wisdom that was imparted to me during my early years in India, I would consider my little business a success. I recognise that this is a bigger objective than delivering profits but a wise man has said that our reach should exceed our grasp. So here I am! I hope you wish me well on this journey. Please do follow our blogs here on Amahli and also our extended blog site for spiritual inspiration and food for thought!  All feedback welcome.

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